Puppet Center at Night


When our theater is operational, we offer evening programs on a fairly regular basis.  Usually the shows are OK for the entire family, although they might deal with mature themes.  However, some shows are for adults only.



Here are some of our (more-or-less) regular evening happenings:


Magic and Comedy: An evening of comedy and magic for adults only.  The show is hosted by the Amazing Mr. A, who is a 4-time Florida State Magic Champion as well as a ventriloquist.  There are also 2 or 3 guest magicians as well, making this a unique evening of entertainment.  Shows happen approximately once a month, and every one is different.  Check Calendar for schedule.  $15.


Puppet Jelly (because it's not exactly a jam!): Live music by several singer/songwriters, joined by puppeteers who try to interpret their music.  This is an experiment in collaboration with different art forms.  Check Calendar for schedule.  $10.


Following are some of our previous productions:


Images of China

The Trap

Origami Tales